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Super 8 Cinemagraphs

A little while ago I did a post about Cinemagraphs, animated gifs that look like living photographs. I loved how, by introducing a subtle amount of movement, they seemed to heighten the sense of suspended animation inherent in still photographs:


At the time I mentioned I was keen to see if I could use this approach to animate sections of some old super 8 film I was working with. I’ve since had questions on how that went, and having just found a few of my early tests on my old hard drive I thought I put them up. They’re not great, I found the innate flickering nature of celluloid film that we know and love means it’s technically pretty difficult to create a seamless link between static image and animation. However, I think they were an important stepping stone in developing a body of work combining analogue film and printmaking techniques and digital editing methods which would eventually become Flicker, an analogue film/instillation piece I will do a longer post on sometime.

I’m happiest with these first two, I love how the figures spring to life briefly in a ‘blink and you miss it’ kind of way. However they need a lot of refining before they are seamless.



In these final two you can see the problem with trying to make cinemagraphs out of footage you have not shot yourself. You really need the stability and consistency of digital equipment to make it illusion really effective. Although maybe using footage shot it the cockpit of a WWII german bomber was being a bit ambitious to start with!


These are from a body of work I created while looking at ways of reusing old analogue film, you can see more work in my portfolio.

It formed the basis for a film Instillation Flicker which was first shown during my MA show, and excerpt of which can be watched in my portfolio.

If you’re interested in making your own I used some of the tutorials you can find in this Inspiration Feed Article.

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Animation drawings

I’m beginning to incorporate drawn material with my photographic work and animations. I wanted to capture a sense of movement within the sketches and develop a way of drawing that would lend itself to animation. I found it a really free way of working, by disregarding the end product you really to begin to engage with the process, much like eye-trust drawings or absent minded doodling. These were done in biro in my sketchbook.

animation drawings

I’m trying to link the photographic and drawn elements of my animations, so these have been influenced by things like WWI aerial photography and the work of War artists like CRW Nevinson.

CRW Nevinson - Explosion - 1916

CRW Nevinson – Explosion – 1916

WWI Aerial Photograph from the Imperial War Museum's collection

Aerial photograph from the Imperial War Museums Collection – 1915

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