Flicker – 2013 (excerpt)

Flicker is an analogue film montage complied of footage from private collections and the National Library of Wales’ Sound and Screen Archive. The physical film was exposed to a number of destructive printmaking processes and then montaged digitally. It aims to explore our relationship with notions of nostalgia, obsolescence and the limits of memory.

Below: gallery of stills from Flicker (2013)


When installed in a gallery space Flicker aims to provide a three dimensional viewing experience, promoting the viewer to engage with it much like a sculpture occupying an almost physical place in space and time. When shown as part of Oriel Nwy’s Transitions exhibition the film was rear projected onto the front window of the gallery creating a discourse between the work and the transient light effects of weather and time of day.

Below: Flicker (2013) instillation view

Ben Partridge - Flicker - 2013 - Analogue film montage 2



Where’s Ruth?

A sort film first shown at the ICA as part of Stright 8 2012.

Shot in sequence on a single roll of Super 8, it features no post production editing or retakes.


Stop Motion Workshop

A film of a stop motion workshop for undergraduates I held at Aberystwyth University School of Art.

The film is a combination of a time lapse animation of the entire workshop followed by the stop motion animation the students created in the class.

Massive thanks to everyone that took part.

Music by Anitek – Destination, copyright of the artist.


Animated Prints

A selection of short animations made from Collagraphs and drypoints based on early WWI film footage.

These tests are are between 2-6 frames long played on a loop, I now am hoping to develop some longer animations.


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