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Foam Board Mounting

Quick run through of how to mount using self adhesive foam board, thought it might be useful as its coming up to exhibition time.

Done well this is a great way to display photos or labels, done badly however it can look pretty naff

Thanks to fellow technician Emily Jones for letting me snap her workshop.


>Craft knife + extra blades – Must be SHARP

>Cutting Mat

>Foam Board (here we are using self adhesive foam board,  regular mount board will require an adhesive such as photo-mount)

>Spare foam board backing sheet (the shiny stuff that covers the sticky side)

> Steel rule (the heavier the better)

>Image to be mounted

Prep the image

1) Cut your image down leaving yourself leaving a small boarder on 3 sides, on the bottom edge leave yourself a larger boarder. I should look like a Polaroid photograph.

2) Cut your foam boar down, leave yourself enough room so that if you put your image down a bit wonky, it wont go off the edge of the board.

Applying the image

3) Peel off about an inch of the backing.

4) Taking the edge of your image with the larger boarder stick it to the exposed area of foam board, stick the middle down first the smooth out towards the edges to avoid pesky air bubbles.

5) Place your spare sheet of backing over the top of your image to prevent grubby fingerprints(shiny side down!)

6)  Repeat 3, peel back a small amount of backing at a time and smoothly sticking your image down from the centre out (In a kinda of swimming motion). Don’t press too hard where the image meets the backing you are peeling back as this may cause creases on your image!

Cutting The Image

7) place your ruler over your image and cut slightly inside the image area to avoid white boarders. When cutting angle your knife slightly inwards towards the image, this will prevent the foam board being visible when viewing the image.

8) cut twice, once to score and the second to cut, always try and cut the entire length of the image, doing it in stages ends up with messy stringy bits of foam board hanging off your image, an no-one wants that.


Bubbles – if you have trapped air bubbles, its general pretty risky to try and peel off the image and reapply it, instead prick the bubble with your knife or a pin and smooth the air out.

Sharp knife! – Goes without saying, if you let your knife get blunt, things go wrong. If you are doing large/multiple images you’ll nee to change blades regularly.

Heavy ruler – if the image is large you’ll find yourself having to stretch, this means the ruler can slip when you are trying to cut, a heavy ruler reduces this risk. Also if you have left enough extra foam board around the image you can use this to stick your ruler down, just make sure you wipe it clean before putting it back on your image.
And that’s it!

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