Twitter Visualisations

My recent work has looked at turning digital data from twitter into drawings, as a result I’ve been doing a lot of research into artists who use data in exciting a visually engaging ways. In this post I’ve collated a few of my favourites:

Inflated Egos (2015) – Chris Cairns

Each candidates’ head inflates or deflates depending on their popularity rating in the polls on on Twitter. I like how this instillation brings the digital data into the physical world. The simplicity of the the concept of the candidates heads getting bigger or small depending on their popularity makes an accessible, effective and engaging piece of data visualisation.

Listening Post ‘I am’ (2003) – Ben Rubin

Searching for the phrases ‘I am’ in public chat rooms and other public forums. Listening post displays these messages decontextualised in real time, either as text or ‘read’ by a synthesised voice. The result is a powerful reflection on the immediacy and anonymity of digital communication.

Good Morning – Jer Thorp

Nice animation showing people tweeting ‘good morning’ around the world. It’s interesting how you can track day breaking around the world by people’s activity on Twitter.

Just Landed _ Jer Thorp

Another from Jer Throp this time plotting people’s movements based on tweeting ‘just landed in’. I find it interesting how Jer’s projects expose some of the hidden information that can be extracted from publicly shared twitter data.



Not so much a visualisation but a stream, Twistori displays real time tweets featuring the phrases I love, I hate, I think, I believe, I feel and I wish. I fins it as a strange hypnotic quality watching the anonymous stream of statements ranging from the emotional to the banal pop up in your browser.

Equity BotScott Kidall 

Again, not strictly a visualisation project but I thought I’d include it Scott Kidall’s Equity bot tracks emotions on Twitter and correlates them to changes in the stock market. The algorithm ‘buys’ and ‘sells’ these emotions as they rise and fall in value.

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