Pinhole photographs

Just been getting into pinhole photography, something I’ve always wanted to try but never had the time. Initially I was scared off the idea by long, boring online articles about the importance of precision drilling apertures to a fraction of a mm. For me this seems like a lot of effort for something you’ve made out of a beer can and duct tape. Luckily pinhole Photographer Justin Quinnell has some straight forward instructional stuff on his website and a couple of good Youtube videos.
These are the cameras I’ve made so far.

Pinhole Camera, Beer can Camera, Film canister Camera

The black box makes paper negatives about 15x15cm,  the film canister roughly 5x7cm and the beer can take 5×7″ paper.

They all produce negative images (like the one bellow) which you can scan and invert on Photoshop or just leave them as they are because the look all spooky.

Pin hole photograph negative Beer can camera

It’s the curve of the paper in the film canister and beer can produces that really cool distorted wide angle effect.

All the photos were taken in Aberystwyth School of Art, partly because it’s a amazing building to photograph and partly because I’m lazy and didn’t want to walk to far from the darkroom. I hope to develop them further and enter some into the exhibition ‘Culture’ which asks printmakers to create prints to be displayed in petri dishes and will tour Wales later this year.

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One thought on “Pinhole photographs

  1. oohhh the one from the stairs is cool, as are the life studio room and the bust guy 🙂

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