Stop Motion Workshop

Here are two videos of a stop motion workshop for undergraduates I held on Monday. It was seriously fun to do, which was mainly down to the awesome group of  students that came along, so muchos thanks to them!

The videos are a combination of a time lapse I set up to record the whole session followed by the animation the students created. It was really interesting to see the different ways they approached the exercise and how their different drawing styles combine to make a really eclectic animation. Also made me realize that my mum was right, I really need to stop slouching!

Both videos are identical except for the soundtracks, can’t decide which one I like best…

Cheesy funk?

or chilled out folk?

Any Ideas?

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4 thoughts on “Stop Motion Workshop

  1. пророк says:

    Haaa, awesome ! I can’t wait for a chance to do some stop motion drawing !! thanks for the workshop! Both soundtracks are cool, although I think I always opt for cheesy funk 😛

    After the exhibition we should do another of these sessions or something~

  2. пророк says:

    Cheesy funk all the way!

    Can’t wait to do animation … 🙂

  3. I like the cheesy funk too 🙂 reminds me of morph! Was a fun workshop, would love to do more

  4. thanks for the feedback guys, Corrina’s a fan of the cheesy funk to that makes it unanimous, its going on the website!

    Really glad you enjoyed it, I know your all mega busy with exhibition stuff so thanks for making the time.

    There might be another one in the pipeline, I’m thinking; coloured chalk, seaweed and pebbles on the seafront? I’ll keep you posted!

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