Student International Small Print Show Egypt

I’ve been selected as a featured artist for this snappily-titled student exhibition in Egypt. It’s a 12 month show held in conjunction with the international art conference at El Minia university.

Two of my prints have been included; ‘Alyssa’ and ‘13.01’, both are examples of experimental photo-etching techniques I’ve been exploring.

Alyssa -Photoetching- 2012. Ben Partrige Small International print show

Alyssa – Photo-etching – 2012

13.01- Photo Etching – 2011
Hats off to Wael A.Sabour for making such a huge project a reality, assistant professor at El Minia he’s an interesting artist in his own right.
I am really chuffed to be included in the show, which features 90 students from 17 countries (I think I’m the only one from the UK; representing!) especially as the quality of the work is so high, here are some of my personal faves…
Angela Duclos – Untitled- 4.5×5.5in -collage-based digital print – 2012- Canada
Jill Ho-You -Pressure- 6.25×7.25 – etching & digital -2011- Canada
Capucine Gros -ctrlZ4- 8×12- Monotype -2012 – France
Gregory Cook – Tight Fade -6×9-Photopolymer ,Gravure ,Monoprint ,Intaglio ,Serigraphy -2011- USA
Only a tiny selection of what’s on show, for the rest and photos of the exhibition itself check out the website.
-all image copyright of the artists-
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